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Great software development thrives by giving back to the community. We’re built on open source and try to foster the OSS philosophy by contributing with our own internally developed projects.

We’re running ... projects with ... contributors. Want to help?

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Build Time

Tools that help whilst developing and coding to automate repetitive tasks or simplify building procedures.

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Run Time

Tools to help you whilst your code is running — stop writing boiler plate code and take the hassle out of implementing features.

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Our apps help you simplify your life, make you more productive, put the fun back into your development and amaze you.

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These tools help you when you need to automate something that can cross build-, run- and test-time, or even when you’re just haxxxing.

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More Projects

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The sandbox is our playground to test ideas, come up with programming concepts, and try out quick-and-dirty hacks. Come play with us.


Time-boxed tests on the latest and greatest new technologies.

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Projects in the infant stage, needing your contribution to grow.

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This is a collection of basic Android examples created by Novoda. Hacking stuff.

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About Novoda

Novoda is a digital studio specializing in app software development. We deliver the most amazing digital experiences for our ambitious clients.

Find out more about our open source projects, hacking, tips, tricks, and technology thinking on our blog.

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